Project Highlights

The IOTA ecosystem counts more than 80 active and great projects. In this category, the Tangleverse Times introduces different projects that add value to this space.

Tangleverse 2.0 Release
Visit Summary launches its new platform, making the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem more accessible to newcomers and existing followers alike. Tangleverse is a one-stop-shop for visitors to keep up with daily News & Events happening on IOTA & Shimmer, as well as follow and learn more about
The Chronicles of Infernal Uprising: Solomon’s Revelation
[Promotional Content - contact us to have your project featured] Greetings, noble travelers of realms both seen and unseen. I am Solomon, the seeker of ancient mysteries and the harbinger of a revelation that will stun those relying on earthly wisdom alone. As the sands of time unfurl, I beckon
LendeXe - Public Sale Announcement
Promotional Content LendeXe Public Sale starts on 3. November 2022 12:00PM CET LendeXe is an innovative DeFi platform that provides spectacular products, such as the Ultimate Loan, in addition to the usual lending and borrowing features. After a very successful NFT sale in March, the public sale w…
Iotabee: First Swap in IOTA Ecosystem to list SMR/MIOTA
Iotabee is built by a group of IOTA maximalists. The ultimate goal of Iotabee is to provide a seamless crosschain trading experience to connect different layers within the IOTA ecosystem and bring more external resources into it. Users will be able to swap assets between different networks and from…
ShimmerSea in the dawn of Shimmer
Promotional Content It has been a year since the IOTA Foundation announced its plan to launch the Shimmer Network, laying the foundation for a new ecosystem focused on exploring Decentralized Finance opportunities. Shortly thereafter, the TangleSea team was first to announce the development of a DE…
YennaTech: The Time to Act is Now
Promotional Content It’s times like these, when the most pivotal decisions for our future are being made. If the ongoing pandemic has shown us anything, then it’s the ing holes in many political and social systems around the world. We have to face reality, the most existential threat