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LendeXe - Public Sale Announcement

LendeXe - Public Sale Announcement

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LendeXe Public Sale starts on 3. November 2022 12:00PM CET

LendeXe is an innovative DeFi platform that provides spectacular products, such as the Ultimate Loan, in addition to the usual lending and borrowing features. After a very successful NFT sale in March, the public sale will start this November. LendeXe wants to sell 90 million LEXE tokens to raise 3.1 million - 4.9 million USD to get liquidity on the protocol. There are two options available to buyers to do this:

A (70m tokens): 12 months linear vesting

B (20 million tokens): without vesting.

For the public sale, the Dutch method is used, i.e. the price decreases every 24 hours until all tokens are sold. The investors always get the tokens at the minimum price, regardless of when they joined. The starting price for option A is 0.050USD and for option B 0.070USD.

From 3. November 2022 you can participate in the Public Sale with the following link: https://publicsale.lendexe.fi/

More information about LendeXe: https://medium.com/@LendeXeFinance