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Iotabee: First Swap in IOTA Ecosystem to list SMR/MIOTA

Iotabee: First Swap in IOTA Ecosystem to list SMR/MIOTA

Iotabee is built by a group of IOTA maximalists.

The ultimate goal of Iotabee is to provide a seamless crosschain trading experience to connect different layers within the IOTA ecosystem and bring more external resources into it. Users will be able to swap assets between different networks and from wallet to wallet easily and instantly.

For those who’re keen to trade MIOTA already, Iotabee SWAP is launched now for trading MIOTA/USDT or providing liquidity for competitive yield (5/6 of the trading fee goes to the liquidity provider). This trading pair is also extremely helpful for bringing BSC users to IOTA, as there will be no barriers whatsoever — they’ll be able to purchase and transfer IOTA with Iotabee from wallet to wallet, with no need for a deposit.

The Big Bomb for our SWAP: SMR/MIOTA upon the launch of Shimmer! Anyone can swap between SMR on Shimmer Layer 1 and IOTA on Tangle Layer and from wallet to wallet freely. On Iotabee, you may buy more SMR, sell SMR for MIOTA, check real-time SMR and know how much your SMR is worth, or use your SMR and MIOTA to provide LP to earn yield. With Iotabee, the IOTA community can unite and work together to build the best SMR/MIOTA liquidity, supported by the community, for the community.

For the absolute DEX fans, stay tuned for Iotabee DEX coming with Shimmer EVM!

You may also want to know a little bit extra here : ) We hope to see you very soon! #jointhebees!