Interviews & Community Spotlights

What's a better way to learn some insights than just asking the people themselves? The Tangleverse Times is always looking for the latest developments within and outside the IF. To be always up-to-date, we interview people working with IOTA as well as members of the IF.

The community is an important part of IOTA and Shimmer and there are a lot of great members. In each issue of the Tangleverse Times, we turn the Spotlight on one of those precious members.

Meet the IF - Dr.Electron
[Interview by Mart] The Tangleverse Times: The first question is a staple by now. How did you find out about IOTA and how did you find your way to the IOTA Foundation? Dr. Electron: In the summer of 2017, I worked on an electronics Project for a friend where we
Community Spotlight: Kutkraft
[Interview by Mart] The Tangleverse Times: The community probably heard quite some parts of your IOTA story in your videos, but can you give a condensed version of how you found out about IOTA? Kutkraft: I held BTC back in 2013 on Mt. Gox, which means I lost them all
Meet the IF - Laura Kajtazi
[Interview by Mart] The Tangleverse Times: Since we have established our “introductory” question, we just start as always: how did you find out about IOTA and how did you find your way to the IOTA Foundation? Laura Kajtazi: Before working full time as a Project Manager for the IOTA Foundation
Meet the IF - Mariana de la Roche
[Interview by Mart] The Tangleverse Times: Although this is supposed to be a casual interview, I think this question will become a staple. So how did you find out about IOTA and how did you find your way to the IOTA Foundation? Mariana de la Roche: As you may already
Mat Yarger (Demia)
[Interview by Mart] The Tangleverse Times: Could you give a short summary of what Demia exactly is? Mat Yarger: Demia is focused on providing the essential tools needed for carbon markets to work effectively, unlocking and scaling the financing needed to meet decarbonization goals. Our data protoco…
Meet the IF - Christian Saur
[ Interview by Mart] Tangleverse Times: So let’s start with an introductory question, how did you find out about IOTA and how did you find your way to the IOTA Foundation? Christian Saur: I first came into contact with IOTA in 2016 interning at Bosch Venture Capital. A colleague and
Benjamin Bönisch (ETO Gruppe / farmunited)
[ Interview by Mart] Tangleverse Times: Could you briefly introduce yourself for those who don’t know you? Benjamin Bönisch: In my role as VP Digital Products & Services at ETO GRUPPE I manage all venture projects. Venture is the testing ground ETO has created to successfully and sustainably meet t…
Holger Köther (BUILD.5 & SPYCE.5)
[Interview by Mart] Tangleverse Times: Could you briefly explain what BUILD.5 is and how it came to be? Holger Köther: BUILD.5’s aim is to provide an enterprise-ready platform designed to seamlessly integrate web2 and web3 technology. The goal is to leverage both decentralized and existing enterpri…
Alpha Rho
[Interview by Mart] Tangleverse Times: How and when did your journey in crypto start? Alpha Rho: Crypto was always around me since 2012-2013 when the crypto mining fiesta was very popular. Some of my acquaintances were starting a cloud mining company but I never looked into it with a deeper
Meet the IF - Dominik Schiener
[Interview by Mart] Tangleverse Times: You said that you once hacked your way to the number one spot of the Call of Duty leaderboard, what other games did you enjoy playing or still play? Dominik Schiener: I was a huge fan of The Last of Us (Part 1). The story
Tangleverse Times: How did your IOTA journey start? IotaPoet: Crypto came at an interesting time in my life. In 2017, I had graduated and got a graduate job but was still feeling very lost in life. Early twenties can be a weird age. You have spent the vast majority of
[Interview by IotaPoet] IotaPoet: So tell us - how did your IOTA journey start? Vrom: My journey started in 2017, when a friend explained Bitcoin and Ethereum to me and why we need a global currency that is censorship resistant, programmable and can be sent around the world with almost
AMA with Adam and Austin of IOTA’s business development team
[ - by Mart] Narrative is extremely important for all crypto projects (along with most things in life). What is IOTA’s unique narrative that will help it stand among giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum’s compelling narratives? Austin: IOTA’s narrative is unique, it’s about creating sound money, a
[Interview by IotaPoet] IotaPoet: Which coin do you think will be worth more on 21 August 2024- IOTA or Shimmer? ID.iota: Great Question! I really love how those discussions come up and how everyone got surprised with the Shimmer Marketcap suddenly being at above 200 Million USD. We are
David De Troch of the IOTA Foundation
[Interview by Mart] David is working as a software engineer for the IOTA foundation. Currently, he is in the Firefly team. Tangleverse Times: What separates Firefly from other wallets out there? David De Troch: Three things make Firefly stand out from other wallets. The first one is our dedicatio…
Digidus Prime
[Interview by IotaPoet] IotaPoet: Which coin do you think will be worth more on 21 August 2024 — IOTA or Shimmer? DigidusPrime: I know you want me to make a call on this but I honestly don’t know. My gut reaction is that Iota will be more valuable in a
Jelle Millenaar, Co-Founder and CEO of Impierce Technologies
[Interview by Mart] If you have been in the IOTA ecosystem for a little while you probably know Jelle Millenaar already. And in case you don’t: Jelle worked as the Lead Identity of the IOTA Foundation and is the Co-Founder and CEO of Impierce Technologies. Tangleverse Times: How does
Christoph F. Strnadl of the Software AG
[Interview by Mart] DD: You have been vocal in your support of the breadth of offerings the IF has developed (streams, stronghold, identity, etc.). What is your opinion of the IF’s announcement that they will be spinning off these entities? CS: We fully support the IF’s strategy to
Jonas Theis of the IOTA GoShimmer Team
[Interview by Mart] Jonas Theis is an IF Research Engineer on the GoShimmer Team working on IOTA 2.0 (coordicide) and its implementation. We asked him some questions about the future since these features will soon be tested on the Shimmer network. DD: In what order can the community expect
[Interview by _tamasik_] 1) So, what’s your IOTA story? How did you enter the ecosystem of this relatively “obscure” coin? I got into crypto seriously in March of 2021. The outlook of the stock market and crypto appeared to have gone to the top. And the world economy was
IOTA_India interviews Kumar Anirudha [IF]
IOTA_India [I_I]: “I’ll start recording now!” < Bangalore/Starbucks background noise> Kumar Anirudha [KA]: “Sure, but I don’t know if there will be anything noteworthy here, though. Where are you publishing this, by the way?” [I_I]: “The IOTA Content Creator DAO’s newsletter, The Daily Degen!
[Interview by _tamasik_] 1) Wiredutch, I’ve seen you around for quite a while now, as I was lurking around the ecosystem over the years. Since when have you been in IOTA? And why IOTA? The summer of 2017, it was IOTA’s vision around the M2M economy that triggered
[Interview by _tamasik_] June 3, 2022 Hello Kevin! As you might know, we are launching an IOTA ecosystem newsletter. As part of that, we would like to publish an interview with you! I’d love to read your answers to the questions below: 1) To begin with, how did you