The crypto space is growing rapidly, and it can be hard to follow all the new developments. With our educational content, we want to help you understand IOTA and crypto better and give you insights in the latest technological and governmental developments.

DeFi Education # 6: Tokenomics
[ - by DigitalSoulx] Session #6: Tokenomics 101 — Value, Market Cap, and Price Presented by 0xBlockBoy [20 October 2022] Summary, organization and additional detail by DigitalSoul.x Welcome to another Shimmer DeFi education series session. The topic of this session is tokenomics, and it’s intended to be an introduction and
IOTA is big in [Japan] [UAE] Middle East and Asia
[ - by Mart] Now that the dust has settled on the announcement that the IOTA Foundation is expanding to the Middle East and the IOTA DLT Foundation is the first entity registered with the ADGM, let’s dissect it all. The news took the market by storm. IOTA’s price surged
Tokenizing Reality: A New Era for Decentralized Finance
[ - by iota_penguin] In the world of Web3, it’s no secret that the buzz often centers around certain trending topics. You’ve got NFTs blowing up, DeFi causing a frenzy and everyone is talking about blockchain compatibility. While the majority of these trends are focused on the Web3 domain, there’s
💻 The Programmable Tangle: Implications of Layer 1 Smart Contracts on IOTA
[ - by @DigitalSoul.x] Introduction In light of the recent bombshell announcements from the IOTA Foundation, I think it’s important that we take a step back and really consider why these decisions have been made. After all, such steps were surely not taken lightly, and since the IOTA Foundation
🏦 How the eIDAS Regulation Accelerates Digital Identity Adoption
[ - by Jelle Milleenar] Digital Identity has become a hot topic across the globe. The concepts of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), where people regain control over their digital identity and data, are becoming mainstream. If you are unfamiliar with SSI, please consider reading more about it here. SSI…
Can Shimmer Compete?
[ - by Blockbytes] The Iota Foundation is launching a new EVM chain into the crypto market. But, is it too late? The market is saturated. There are 184 live alt-chains. Shimmer EVM is currently aiming to be the 185th. But, to be fair, most of their competitors are complete non-entities.
DeFi Education #3: DeFi Lending & Borrowing
[ - by DigitalSoulx] Session #3: DeFi Lending & Borrowing Presented by Joe_King [22 September 2022] Summary, organization and additional detail by DigitalSoul.x This presentation is an introduction to decentralized finance (DeFi) lending and borrowing. After a brief discussion about foundational…
Through the Eyes of the Coordinator
The Turbulent Journey of a Misunderstood Hero [ - by iota_penguin] Hey there! As the Coordinator, I am no stranger to the IOTA community. Despite my crucial role in securing the network and facilitating transactions, I have faced my fair share of criticism over the last years. To be honest,
Shimmer DeFi Education Session 2: Token Swaps - DEX vs. CEX
Session #2: Token Swaps — DEX vs. CEX Presented by 0xHunter [15 September 2022] Summary, organization and additional detail by DigitalSoul.x Welcome to the second Shimmer DeFi Education session of seven. In the first session, we explored the different types of cryptocurrency wallets and how to us…
IOTA & Shimmer: All Machines Are Welcome Here (Even Virtual Ones)!
[ - by DigitalSoulx] While the original vision of IOTA was to build a DLT to enable the Internet of Things, the development of the protocol has expanded well beyond that today. The Smart Contract infrastructure that will soon be rolled out on Shimmer will broadly expand the capabilities of the
Battle of the Layer1s: The Fierce Decade
[ - by MolochNess] The Layer1 wars rage on. Ethereum is the largest fish in crypto’s tiny pond, but it remains to be seen how these fish compete on the global stage. Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism combined have fewer than 2 million daily active addresses, which should illustrate how
Battle of the Layer1s: The Zero-Sum Struggle
[ - by MolochNess] Welcome back, time to delve into the finer details of these ecosystems: User/Developer experience Despite periodic surges in adoption, crypto still has a long way to come with regards to user and developer experience. One of the largest points of friction for normal users: L1…
Avoiding the Dangers of Excessive Data Sharing with SSI
[ - by Jelle Millenaar] Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, has recently gained attention for his efforts to fix the internet through the SOLID project. This project aims to give people control over their own data and shares many goals and concepts with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)…
Shimmer DeFi Education Session 1: Wallets and Interaction with DeFi
Session #1: Wallets & Interaction with DeFi Presented by 0xKB [8 September 2022] Summary, organization and additional detail by DigitalSoul.x Part 1: What are crypto wallets? A normal wallet in your pocket holds your credit cards, ID, cash, etc. Your crypto wallet is not exactly the same; it do…
Your voice matters! Let’s show once more how amazing our ecosystem is
[ - by Mart] With the launch of the Shimmer network well behind us and Shimmer EVM just around the corner, let’s talk about something very important: The upcoming governance votes for the Shimmer Community Treasury Grant Committee and the Shimmer Growth Committee. In case you didn’t follow the
Crypto Tribalism is Dead; Long Live Multi-Chain
[ - by DigitalSoulx] When I say crypto tribalism is dead, I don’t mean non-existent of course. I just think it has no future. One has to simply lurk in crypto Twitter or Reddit r/cryptocurrency for a few minutes to see how divisive and close-minded people can be. I
Behold: These are the Reasons “I’m Shimmering!”
[ - by DigitalSoulx] It’s been a long road, but the Shimmer network launch is finally here. There are a wide range of projects that heard the call to build and have been diligently working in the shadows to utilize one of the many new features that Shimmer now offers.
ZK Rollups for Smooth Brains
[ - by DigitalSoulx] If you’ve been frequenting the IOTA Discord lately, you may have seen some posts claiming that ZK Rollups are the future and will usher in a new era for the protocol. But what are ZK Rollups, and why should we care? tl;dr: A Zero-Knowledge (ZK)