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Bloom Wallet: IOTA and Shimmer’s portal to Web3

Bloom Wallet: IOTA and Shimmer’s portal to Web3

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On October 12th a new wallet appeared in the IOTA ecosystem: Bloom. Developed by the core team that also developed the Firefly wallet. The goal with Bloom is to create a modular cross chain wallet. In the latest Spec Weekly, Kutkraft had a closer look at what the new wallet has to offer and how it can be used.

Unlike the Firefly wallet, the Bloom wallet combines the whole IOTA stack in one place: Shimmer, ShimmerEVM and later IOTA as well. You won’t even have to use MetaMask for the app interactions. But that’s not all. While MetaMask works with extensions, people don’t spend much time in the wallet itself but rather in the dApps. So, the wallet is just used to sign transactions basically. Bloom however will also feature third-party integrations. The first to be featured will be fiat on-ramps and swaps. This means that users can buy and sell IOTA and Shimmer directly via Bloom. In the future Bloom will not only be a wallet but a DeFi Hub within a wallet.

Bloom vs. MetaMask: When being asked about whether Bloom could overtake MetaMask the answer of Charlie is pretty clear: “It’s actually gonna replace it.”

Using Bloom for the first time
In theory this all sounds very promising, but what does Bloom look like in practice? Of course, Kutkraft wants to find out and tests the wallet for the first time.

First thing he mentions: great design, great visuals. The setup is quite easy:

  1. Download and install the app
  2. Choose your network (while Shimmer is the default network you can also connect to any network with custom settings)
  3. Create a new profile or restore an existing one
  4. Secure your profile by setting up a password
  5. Add a PIN number
  6. Bloom is ready!